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⭐ EliteMU MEDIUM x200 Open - 20 MARCH


Ši tema yra neaktyvi. Paskutinis pranešimas šioje temoje buvo prieš 313 dienas (-ų). Patariame sukurti naują temą, o ne rašyti naują pranešimą.

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Welcome to EliteMU Online - we are NEW and BIG Private MU Online Server, which is based on Premium IGCN MU Online Server files with added Anti Hack Protection. The feeling here in this project is completely opposite from other servers. Game with astonishing entertainment. EliteMU Online is with well-considered gameplay and made to deliver best quality and stability.
We wont tell you that our MU Online server is best or there is no bugs at all, but we give you a chance to see that our mu online server is Unique with our Hard Economy System, Nice Leveling Road, Interesting Gameplay and Well-Configured Server, which is made by Developers with more than 8 year experience.
In total we have 4 different rate servers - HARD x10, LOW x50, MEDIUM x200 and HIGH x1000 servers.

EliteMU is made for people who likes Original Features, no costumes etc. Working all latest Events - Doppelganger, Imperial Guardian, original rewards and Bosses. In Chaos Castle, Blood Castle and Devil Square, you receive different rewards in default events.
To make gameplay more Unique, we decided to make some secret spots, where leveling will be little easier or safer. There is no spots like in ussual servers, we have worked with each map, added more monsters in all maps, without usual spots. Arena is available - we decided to keep arena, but leveling there wont be so easy like other maps.

menu-icon_2.pngELITEMU - EVENTS & FEATURES
We have remade a lot of in-game features to make game more interesting. Interesting Lucky Coin System. Jewels, Zen and other features like Goblin Points, Items + Zen have a high value in-game ! Also features like Gold Coins, W Coins (C) for in-game Cash Shop 'X' can be only collected by players themselves. 
The fastest way to level-up is by leveling up in party, because of extra EXP Bonus. No OP Items, VERY Limited Webshop, VERY Limited Cash Shop 'X', Great GR and Event rewards, Nice level roading - Fair Play for everyone. 

We are proud that in our servers dont have such a bugs (like evil spirit agility bug, hp bug or dark side skill). In our server Evil Spirit works on 32k agility, show full HP and Dark Side - works perfect. Im sure, you will like our server gameplay and the way how we made it. Just come and try it - Join Us !



* Website:
* Registration:
* Downloads:
* Community Forum:

- Characters & Formulas: HERE
- Class PvM Damage: HERE
- Class PvP Damage: HERE
- Off-Leveling: HERE
- Auto Party System: HERE
- Party Bonus: HERE
- Skill Drop List: HERE
- Expanded Inventory: HERE
- Gold Coins & Cashshop: HERE
- Goblin Points: HERE
- Lucky Coins System: HERE
- Boss Respawn & Rewards: HERE
- Event Times: HERE
- Event Rewards: HERE




✔️ Responsible administration. Your opinion is important to us !
✔️ Premium IGCN server files. Enjoy the best possible quality !
✔️ Pretty unique configured server. You will not get bored here !
✔️ Monthly, weekly events. Get rewards from TOP Voter, BC, DS, CC or Castle Siege !
✔️ Protected against break-ins, DDOS and cheats! High stability Anti-Hack !
✔️ Everything is done by us. Each part of the game is professionally configured !

Redaguota , nario elitemu14
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# Changelog 29.01.2021 #
[+] Added New items - Chaos Card (Mini, Rare, Gold)
[+] Fixed Dimension Mirror Event excellent option drop
[+] Fixed Dark Raven Success Attack Rate
[+] Increased (SUM) PvM damage by 20%
[+] Increased (ELF) PvM damage by 10%
[+] Increased (ELF, SUM, MG, DL) PvP damage by 10%
[+] [MEDIUM x200] Increased BC, DS ticket part drop rate %
[+] Decreased Dark Raven damage by 20%
[+] Decreased Top spot monster HP by 30% (in Kalima 7)
[+] Decreased Boss Kundun HP by 20%
[+] Updated (BC) Blood Castle Event Rewards
[+] Updated (DS) Devil Square Event Rewards
[+] Updated (IT) Illusion Temple Rewards
[+] Changed (IT) Illusion Temple Event start times
[+] Changed (CS) Castle Siege Fight start times

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CHANGELOG 10.02.2021
[+] Fixed Game Client lag issues due GameGuard
[+] Fixed Boss Kundun and Dark Elf bug issue
[+] Updated GameGuard system to enable TeamViewer
[+] Updated Word Filter Protection system
[+] Changed Potion Limit to 5 doses in 1 second
[+] Changed Ancient item option drop to max +4% add
[+] Changed 3rd Quest item req Boss spawn to 5 minutes
[+] Increased Rabbit drop rate % for jewels / item

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# CHANGELOG - 16.02.2021 #
[+] Added 3x Item Requirements for Grand Reset (more info: HERE)
[+] Added New Payment System STRIPE for Credit Cards (more info: HERE)
[+] Added Pet info at the website in character equipment
[+] Changed Reset Limit = 20 (more info: HERE)
[+] Changed Regular EXP on 10th and 20th reset (more info: HERE)
[+] Changed Price for Resets (more info: HERE)
[+] Changed Price for Grand Reset (more info: HERE)
[+] Fixed Vote counting issue @ Vote Rankings
[+] Fixed Add Stats feature in website
[+] Fixed account creation issues in some scenarios
[+] Fixed Clear PK feature in website
[+] Updated some base functionality on website

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CHANGELOG 01.03.2021
[+] Updated game, hosting server with latest updates
[+] Fixed Clear SkillTree issue in website
[+] Fixed Master Skill Tree reported issues
[+] Added 1x new spot in Barracks
[+] Added Lahap and other NPC location in Noria
[+] Added Off-Level feature in Stadium/Arena map
[+] Added New spots in Stadium (5x mobs per spots)
[+] Added Rules in Guild War section for Castle Siege (more info: HERE)
[+] Changed zen and level req for teleport to Stadium
[+] Changed maps Kalima 1-6 to Non-PvP zone (more info: HERE)
[+] Changed map Kalrutan 1 to PvP zone
[+] Changed Reset Stats price to 100 Coins

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menu-icon_3.pngChangelog 17.03.2021
[+] Added LorenMarket in teleport menu for easy Trades
[+] Added Guards in Kalrutan 2 start (kills Murders)
[+] Added Guards in Kanturu 3 start (kills Murders)
[+] Added 2x Seals for 7 days, to Newcommers (new char)
[+] Increased SUM PvM and PvP damage by 10%
[+] [HIGH x1000] Added lower level req for first resets
[+] Fixed reported issue with Kalrutan 1
[+] Fixed Required Level issue when making GR
[+] Updated info at our Game Guides: HELP.ELITEMU.NET

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[HOT] LOW x50 Server Opening TODAY !

CHANGELOG 03.04.2021
Happy Easter Holidays !
[+] Added New Mini Bosses (more info: HERE)
[+] Increased Sapphire Ring drop by +10% in IT Event
[+] Increased BK Combo damage by +10%
[+] Increased SUM PvP damage by +20% (due to low ATS)
[+] Updated info at our Game Guides: HELP.ELITEMU.NET

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CHANGELOG 14.04.2021
[+] Fixed Chaos Card drop rate in (DS) Devil Square
[+] Added New Feature Transfer Coins
[+] Changed strength for Kalima map monsters
[+] Changed few (DS) Devil Square,Loren Deep monsters
[+] Changed LOW x50 GR Reward from 200 to 300 GC
[+] Changed Webshop items maximum sets up to BOK+3
[+] Changed Weapon drop from BOK+3, BOK+4, BOK+5
[+] Updated GameGuard features

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CHANGELOG 16.04.2021
[+] LOW x50 Added 2x Item Requirement for Grand Reset
[+] Fixed Item image, description info in Market
[+] Removed unnecessary NPCs in game
[+] Changed Zen drop by by -10 to -20% (top maps only)
[+] Changed Vulcanus drop +20% more Zen than any other top maps
[+] Updated our website features and security
[+] Updated info in Game Guides: HELP.ELITEMU.NET

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CHANGELOG 30.04.2021
[+] Changed (DS) Devil Square EXP to +200% (triple)
[+] Changed (DS) Devil Square max player in room = 20
[+] Changed (IT) Illusion Temple Event to 2x daily 
[+] Changed Scrap of Paper drop from mobs 90+ lvl
[+] Changed Sign of Dimension drop from mobs 90+ lvl
[+] Changed Starter Buff days and activation times
[+] [LOW x50] Increased Grand Reset Zen Price
[+] Increased (DS) Devil Square Event Zen Reward
[+] Updated info at Game Guides: HELP.ELITEMU.NET

CHANGELOG 27.04.2021
[+] Updated our Transfer Coins feature
[+] Added auto-restart every 1 hour for GameGuard
[+] Added New System in website Currency Market [HOT]
[+] Removed Off-Level in Events like BC, DS, CC, IT
[+] Changed Maya Hands Boss drop to 1x Exc. 380lvl item
[+] Changed Nightmare Boss drop to 3x Socket items
[+] Changed post global chat price to 500k

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CHANGELOG 14.05.2021
[+] Added new rules about Voting
[+] Fixed Ancient drop issue from Kundun, CC, LOT
[+] Fixed Medusa Boss and her assistants strength
[+] Fixed Currency Market in website (back online)
[+] Changed (CC) Chaos Castle winner Reward
[+] Changed Medusa Boss spawn time to 4x per day
[+] Changed Medusa Boss item drop count from 3 to 1
[+] Changed Staff damage for SM in correct order
[+] Updated website features
[+] Updated Game Guides: HELP.ELITEMU.NET

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[b]Changelog 26.05.2021[/b]
[+] Added new type VIP = ULTRA VIP
[+] Added Non-Exc Inberial Staff drop in Raklion
[+] Added Phantom Knight and Great Drakan spots in Icarus
[+] Changed max DD and REF option % rate = no limit
[+] Increased BK PvM damage by +10%
[+] Increased DL PvP damage by + 10%

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Ši tema yra neaktyvi. Paskutinis pranešimas šioje temoje buvo prieš 313 dienas (-ų). Patariame sukurti naują temą, o ne rašyti naują pranešimą.

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