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Minecraft update Name Change UPDATE


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Yes, it’s true! In the near future you will be able to change your Minecraft in-game name.

When? When! When?!
We plan to make name changing available on February 4th.

What do I need to do this? Will it cost money?
The only thing you need is a Mojang account. If you currently sign in to Minecraft with an email address, you’re all good! Otherwise, you can migrate your old Minecraft account here. There are no other requirements, and it doesn’t cost any money.

It sounds good! Where can I do it?
Just head on over to your Mojang account page! Once the feature is made available you’ll see a “change” link next to your Minecraft name.

Can I steal somebody’s name? Can I call myself “Dinnerbone” too?
No. There is already somebody called Dinnerbone and names are still unique. You can’t have the same name as another player; they will have to change their name for you to be able to take it. 37 days after they change their name, the old one will become available.

What about all those unpaid usernames from so many years ago?
We will be freeing up all those old unpaid usernames when the new name changing feature is released. If you have an old unpaid name that you’d like to keep, there’s still time to buy it! Read this help article to learn how.

Can I change the capitalisation of my name?
Yes, you can!

Does this mean that I can pick a new name every day?
No. After changing your name you have to wait 30 days before you can do it again.

What if I change my name and then realise that I don’t like it? Can I change back to my old name?
Yes, you can. You still have to wait the 30 days though.

If I ban a player “Foo” and he changes name to “Bar”, will he stay banned?
Yes. Same for whitelisted players and oped players. They also keep their inventory, pets, statistics and everything they own on a server.

How will this work with mods? What about my custom stuff on this one modded server?
Ask your mod maker/server owner. Mods should be able to support this system easily and most already do, but we aren’t responsible for mods or servers!

Can I have a hug?



P.S tai yra šiandien savo nick galit pasikeist tarp

galima keist tik mogruotus nick tad jei turit vogta nemigruota pasikira jums nepasiseke :D







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Tas pasikeitimas tiesiog stulbinantis, o dar labiau sustiprina tai, jog tų prefix'ų čia kas antras...


Nieko čia gero, paima su vienu nick apgauna koki žmogų po 30 dienų pakeičia ir vėl bando apgauti.

Kol pasikeis tą nick tai pamirš tuos apgavimus.

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jei turi mc legalą ir aš paspaudžių migrate account ir ten prisiloginu ir man rašo kad reik ten confirm ten rašo.. ir negaliu nieko paspaust acc pirkau prieš metus iš

Jei pirkai be email, tavo problema. Nes reikia ten per email patvirtinti migratinima






A.Blintas, on 04 Feb 2015 - 18:40, said:snapback.png

Nieko čia gero, paima su vienu nick apgauna koki žmogų po 30 dienų pakeičia ir vėl bando apgauti.

UUID Isliks tas pats.

Redaguota , nario \\Audriuskins//
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