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┼ái tema yra neaktyvi. Paskutinis prane┼íimas ┼íioje temoje buvo prie┼í 3347 dienas (-┼│). Patariame sukurti nauj─ů tem─ů, o ne ra┼íyti nauj─ů prane┼íim─ů.

U┼ż neaktyvi┼│ tem┼│ prik─Ślim─ů galite sulaukti ─»sp─Śjimo ir prane┼íimo pa┼íalinimo!

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Taigi man ┼íis drift,stunt,dm ir t.t. Gm labai patiko ir noriu tiesiog su jumis pasidalinti :) Kas nor─Śs tikrai i┼ísivers, bet manau tau netrugdytu ┼żaisti ir lietuviam

there are 7 worlds:

Drift World - Designed for Drifting, the drifters should join here, alot of drift places shown with /teles.

Stunt World - Designed for stunting, there are alot of stuntplaces shown with /teles.

Skill World - Designed to test your skills, if you finish a challenge/parkour you will get some cash and score.

DeathMatch World - specially designed for Solo DMing, kill as many people as you can in a DM map, all dms can be shown with /teles or /dms.

Team DeathMatch World - this world is the last one i created, so there might still be a few buggs due to some untested things, but its completed for 99%.

this world is specially made for Team deathmatching, simply kill your teammates with Hunters, OF weapons, rhinos, special missiles attached to trucks, hydras, etc.

Admin World - Specially designed for admins, admins can join this world and sit in the chill lounge, not much more to do here actually, just discuss about admin/server related stuff.

VIP World - specially designed for Vips, there is a Vip Lounge and a Vip Tower, in the tower are seperated floors, each floor is available for one person, this is putted in a small apart FS called Elevator.pwn.

there is 1 floor with objects, it was my floor where i used to chill a little with my friends, and another floor(top floor) which is the vehicle parking, such as bmx, karts, nrg, etc. all sorts of vehicles that can be driven into the elevator.

Vip Levels(4):

- Bronze VIP (Level 1)

- Silver VIP (Level 2)

- Gold VIP (Level 3)

- Premium VIP (Level 4)

Vip Commands:

/cc - change carcolour.

/boot - opens the boot of the car.

/bonnet - opens the bonnet of the car.

/lockcar - locks the car.

/unlockcar - unlocks the car.

/lights - turns on the car lights.

/speedboost [on/off] - turns the speedboost on/off, if its on and you press LMB your car will make a boost.

/plate [text] - changes the car numberplate.

/engine - turns the engine of the car on/off.

/viplounge - teleports you to the vip lounge.

/vcar - spawns you inside the Vip Car.

/vbike - spawns you inside the Vip Bike.

/vplane - Spawns you inside the Vip Plane.

/vboat - spawns you inside the Vip Boat.

/vheli - spawns you inside the Vip Heli.

/viptower - teleports you to the Vip Tower.

Player Commands:

/santahat /shat /sh - puts a santahat on your head.

/joinhns - joins the Hide n Seek event if there is one arranged by the admin.

/car [carid/name] [color1] [color2] - spawns the selected car for you.

/fstyles - shows a list of fightstyles, for the DM world only.

/repair - repairs the car, pressing the H key will also do this and flip your car, there is autorepair in the server by the way.

/flip - flips your car.

/sorry /forgive /poop /hate /noob /rape - Troll Commands.

/s - saves the current position your at.

/l - loads the position you saved last.

/carcolour - changes the carcolour of your vehicle.

/savethisskin /saveskin /useskin /skin - saves the skin you have, saves the skinid you want, uses the last saved skin, sets your skin to the selected one.

/changeworld - change your world with this command, example: your in Drift World and want to go to Stunt World, do /changeworld and select Stunt World.

/radio - some radio stations here.

/givecash - gives cash to the selected player.

/heal - heal yourself, only works outside DM/TDM World.

/countdown - makes a countdown for everyone set from 5.

/races - shows a list of racenames available.

/report - reports a player.

/suggest - sends a suggestion to all online admins and it gets saved into a file in scriptfiles, so the owner can see what improvements can be made.

/para - gives you a parachute.

/me - sends a message to all.

/say - same as /me but now with Says: in it.

/color - list of available PLAYER colors.

/night - makes it night.

/day - makes it day.

/kill - suicides.

/rules - shows a list of the rules.

/savestats - saves your stats.

/stats - shows your ingame stats.

Admin Levels(10):

Trial Admin (Level 1)

Basic Moderator (Level 2)

Moderator (Level 3)

Master Moderator (Level 4)

Administrator (Level 5)

Master Administrator (Level 6)

Professional Administrator (Level 7)

Server Mapper (Level

Server Beta-Tester (Level 9)

Server Owner (Level 10)

when doing /admins it will popup a dialog with online admins and their level.

Admin Commands:

Level 1:

/disarm [playerid] - removes all the weapons of the selected player.

/clearchat - clears the chat for all.

/stophns - ends the current Hide n Seek event.

/unjail - unjails a player

/jail - jails a player.

/adminduty - puts an admin on/off admin duty.

/aweaps - gives admin weapons.

/spawnplayer /spawn - spawns the selected player.

/tp [x] [y] [z] - teleports to the selected coordinates.

/healall - heals everyone.

/unmute - unmutes a player.

/ann /announce - sends an announcement with GameTextForPlayer to everyone.

/goto - teleports to the selected player

/unfreeze - unfreezes a player.

/setskin - sets a skin to the selected player.

/get - teleports a player to you.

/explodes - creates an explosion at the selected player.

/acar - spawns you into the admin car.

/abike - spawns you into the admin bike.

/aplane - spawns you into the admin plane.

/aheli - spawns you into the admin heli.

/aboat - spawns you into the admin boat.

/warn - warns a player, 3 warns = kick.

/showrules - shows the rules to a player.

/acmds - shows the list of admin commands.

Level 2:

/disarmall - removes the weapons of all players.

/slap - slaps a player into the air.

/spectate - spectates a player.

/stopspectate - stops the spectating mode.

/setworld - sets the specified virtual world for a player.

/setinterior - sets the specified interior for a player.

/kick - kicks a player.

/port - same as /goto

/teleplayer - teleports a player to another player.

/akill - kills the selected player.

/settime - sets the specified time for a player.

/setweather - sets the specified weather for a player.

/admins - shows a list of online admins.

Level 3:

/starthns - shows a dialog of available interiors for starting a Hide n Seek Event.

/god - toggles on/off godmode/unlimited health.

/jetpack /jp - gives you a jetpack or the selected player a jetpack.

/sethealth - sets the health for a certain player.

/mute - mutes a player.

/respawnallvehicles - respawns all vehicles that are spawned.

/freeze - freezes a player.

Level 4:

/giveweapon - gives the selected weapon to a player.

/ejectall - ejects everyone from their vehicle.

/eject - ejects a player from his vehicle.

/setscore - sets the score of a player.

/setmoney - sets the money of a player.

Level 5:

/kickall - kicks all players

/getall - teleports all players.

Level 6 - 10:

/ban - bans a player.

/rban - rangebans a player.


Drift World:

/drift 1

/drift 2

/drift 3

/drift 4

/drift 5

/drift 6

/drift 7

/drift 8

/drift 9

/drift 10

/drift 11








Stunt World:"



















Skill World:























Deathmatch World:















No known buggs yet, report them if there are.


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