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L2 Siege

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Serverio website server start date 2012-07-30 Join us!


Chronicle - Interlude

XP: x9999

SP: x9999

PartyXp: x9999

PartySp: x9999

DropAdena: x9999


Enchant Max: +20

Enchant Event/Donate Max: 25

Enchant Safe: +5

1 Blessed Scroll Enchant = +2

Simple Enchant Rates: 90%

Blessed Enchant Rates: 97%

Basic things:

Class Auto (20,40,76 LvL table)

Starting level: 80

Augumentation only passive skills (chance 70%)

Subclass without quest

Anti heavy system

15 kills in a row = pvp aura + Announcement

Hero skills in all classes

Auto Learn Skills

Full Working Wedings

Commercial Geodata, full working

6 custom raid bosses

80% balanced classes (because support, dwarfs is not PvP characters.)


Npc buffer (2h buff time) 99 Buff slot

Scheme buffer (No ressist,cat and other buffs)

GM-shop to S grade.

Nobless manager

Pvp/pk color name and title system (10 levels)

Two types tattoos

Hats add hp/cp

Dynasty Armors

Dusk Weapons

Custom items have a little bit more stats than S grade

Main town: Aden


Olympiad system Full Working like Retail

Olympiad Period 5 days

Olympiad start 18:00 and end 24:00

Hero change every 5 days (more funs ;))

Serverio website server start date 2012-07-30 Join us!

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