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I'm here to introduce a new Silkroad Private Server.

Our goal is to increase the old school jobbing and party leveling as much as possible, aswell as keep the people motivated to LEGIT playing.

The server itself is VSRO based, but remember to check the server rules before you do anything stupid.

We're doing database backup's daily to prevent dataloss and our friendly team will make sure that there will be enough events and action going on, aswell as equal support for every player.

Our server is fully protected and we don't have downtime anymore, only the weekly inspections, which won't take long.

Server Details:

Processor: Intel W3520 ~2.67GHz

RAM: 24.0GB

Connection: 1GB/s

Slots: 1000

Hosted in France


XP/SP Rate: 350x

PT XP/SP Rate: 400x

Item Drop Rate = 150x

SoX Drop Rate = 1x

Gold Drop Rate = 15x

Alchemy Rate = 2x

Magic Pop = 5x

Job Rate = Customized

Lvl Cap = 100

Mastery Cap = 300

Races = Chinese & European


Potion (HP/MP/Uni/Puri/Vigor/Horsepot) –> 250

Arrows/Bolts –> 1000

Elixirs/Stones –> 20

Starting Package

- 50k skillpoints

- 11 Reverses

- 3day Rental Grab Pet

- 20 Beginner Return Scrolls

(1day Gold & Silver tickets removed)

Other Information:

- EXP Book fully disabled

- Custom teleports to Jangan Cave (B1…B4) from Jangan Teleporter

- Custom teleport from Hotan to Roc Mountain

- Berserker quests (95 & 100) removed

- Special zerk titles added for top 5 of every job

- Trade NPC’s working only in Jangan & DW (including bandit/robber)

- Old 1M jobsuits will be given out to players with joblvl 6/7 by GM

- Fortress War is on Saturday (18:00 GMT +2 to 19:30 GMT +2)

- Bandit FW’s taxrate affects the NPC’s in DW

- Item mall transport buyable from Stable

- Vigor Grains buyable from Potion Merchant

- Swear filter removed

- Avatars will be changed weekly (including special avatar events)

- Working CTF and FGW

- CTF takes place twice a week and has special rewards added (18:00 & 04:00 GMT +2)

- Alchemy stones buyable from Potion Merchant in Hotan (except Astral, Immortal, Luck and Steady)

- Turk & Egy IP’s are BANNED

- And so on..

Skill adjustments:

- Bard’s booming chord/wave has knockback probability of 60%

- Reverse Oblation/Immolation buff (EU resurrection skill) duration has been reduced to 5seconds

Ravine-Road | Online


Team Ravine

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