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DeadRavine Serveris [80 cap]

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DeadRavine | Silkroad Online Private Server


Finally! 07/07 DeadRavine has been opened.

Some info about that:

Level cap: 80 (8 degree)

Skill cap: 80 (China Skill mastery cap – 300 | Euro – 160)

Rates : EXP: 3x Drop: 3x Gold: 3x

China & Euro races (European character starting location is Jangan, inventory expansion quests are now located also in china)


China, Western China, Oasis kingdom, Taklamakan map only! (+ custom ‘Lost Lake‘ region with secret shop)

Cerberus and Captain Ivy uniques added to China and Western China regions.

75lvl transport and trade pets added to Stables.

X-large potions removed from the game.

SoX items removed from Magic pop.

Stackable arrows/bolts to a limit of 1.000 units.

Stackable potions/pills to a limit of 250 units.

Stackable elixirs to a limit of 10 units.

Automob can be bought in grocery shops.

Reverse Obligation cooldown increased to 2 minutes.

Job rates increased!

Forgotten World, Battle arenas removed.

Fortress war registration period: Monday-Friday

Fortress war battle time: Saturday 19:00 EEST (GMT+3) | 18:00 CEST (GMT+2) | 09:00 PDT (GMT-7)

Downhang income tax goes to Bandit fortress

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