Half Life 2 MDL (v37) Importer V 0.9 Beta for 3DS Max R6

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Half Life 2 MDL (v37) Importer V 0.9 Beta for 3DS Max R6 (Plugin Beta v.37)

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This is a model viewer for HL2 models (I have no idea where you get them...) and many others, but 3DS Max R6 IS required. This file is a plugin, and the instructions are on the readme on this page.

Half Life 2 MDL (v37) Importer V 0.9 Beta for 3DS Max R6

by Bob the Builder


• Just copy the file 'HL2MDL.dli' into your 3ds max 6 plugin directory

• Copy the files 'msvcp71.dll' & 'msvcr71.dll' into your windows/system32 directory but don't overwrite any existing files !

How to access

• Start 3ds max and look under File -> Import for 'Half Life 2 MDL'

• Delete the hl2mdl.ini file in the plugcfg directory to access the first time dialog again


• The importer needs to know where your Half Life 2 directory is, so it can access the tool ( vtf2tga.exe ) to convert the textures. The TGA files should be in the same directory as the VTF files.Choose the main HL2 directory with the HL2.exe file in it.

• You need to convert all model textures from VTF to TGA files. This will be done by the importer at the first time you will use it. You have to choose the starting directory from where the conversion begins. All sub directories will be converted as well.You should convert the whole hl2/material/model directory.This can take a few minutes ( and a lot of memory ) !

Knowing Bugs

• Due to the unknown format of version 37 there is no animation support.

• The eyes of the models are specially rendered and will be set to the eyeball texture ( white ). You can select some eye polygons and set the MaterialID to the 'pupil' texture id.

• Applying the skin modifier changes some mesh normals slightly.

Legal Issues

• I really respect Valve and never want to harm them. There is no leaked code included !

Updates & Infos

• This is just a beta version with missing features. If the SDK is coming out i will be able to add the missing animation support.Visit freepgs.com/bobsworkshop for updates and infos or send me an eMail : [email protected] / [email protected]

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