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[S6E3][x75] Battle Royal Mu

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Parašė (redaguota)


Welcome to Battle Royal MU Online
We are NEW and BIG Private MU Online Server, which is based on X-team files . The feeling here in this project is completely opposite from other servers. Game with astonishing entertainment. Battle Royal MU Online is with well-considered gameplay and made to deliver best quality and stability.
We wont tell you that our MU Online server is best or there is no bugs at all, but we give you a chance to see that

In the future I'm going to build a server in terms of new medium exp and forfun games

★★★Official Configuration Server ★★★

★Version: Season 6 EP3 + CUSTOM★
★Exp Dynamic GR : 75-25% ★
★Drop : 55%★
★Time work: 24/7★
★Custom xshop: YES★
★WebShop : Yes GR Reward ★
★Balanced characters: YES PVP PVM ★
★Bonus Party Exp : Max +25% ★
★Spots in All MapS★
★Lucky Coin System ★
★Bonus Party Exp : Max +25% ★
★Max Master level : 400 ★
★Guild: 250 lvl★
★Guild depo : Yes NPC Devias★
★Magic Gladiator:  220 lvl★
★Dark Lord:  250 lvl★
★Rage Fighter:  400 lvl★
★Free WcoinP : Vote★
★Change Time Online★
★Vip Accounts★

★★Reset Configuration★★

Reset lvl : 400
Stats Clear : 550 points
Price zen : Multi Zen Reset 5kk x Reset lvl
Bonus : 25 WcoinP

★GRand Reset Configuration★

GR lvl : 400
GR Reset : 100
Price zen : 1kkk
Stats Clear : 5k points
Bonus : 5500 WCoinC in WebShop  << No more Buy Crd >>
Gr Exp : 0-2 x75% 2-4 65% 4-6 55% 6-10 50% 10-9999 40%

>>> For the rest of the information, I invite you to the server forum <<<

WebSide >>

★★★ Grand Open Server 14.02.2020 ★★★
★★20.00 Server Time ★★

Redaguota , nario BattleAdm

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