[L2j] L2Certus x666 INTERLUDE

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Please note that soon we will be prepared for your use with great care the server on which you can delve into the amazing secrets of the game Lineage II. Configure our server named L2 Certus required many sleepless nights, and therefore we hope that our efforts will find much acceptance among you as future players. If you have any questions, feel free to write and our team will be as soon as possible to answer questions bothering you.We think that we will not fail your expectations, and you will be happy to visit our server. We spent a lot of months working on it, and I bet plenty of you are excited to see it. Now, just wait until BEFORE CHRISTMAS, when we give you the server, so you can use it without end…

Website : http://www.l2-certus.com

Forum : http://www.l2-certus.com/forum


General Informations :

* Interlude Server Supported

* Rate : XP : 666x - Adena : 2000x

* Working Interlude skills

* Custom like skills for balance

* Working clan system (Academy/Sub units/Clan Skills/Reputation Points)

* Debuff bar working.

* Enchant Rate: Safe: +3, 66% to +15, Max: No limit

* GM Shop with B/A/S items

* Global gatekeeper

* Many new Events

* Skill auto learning

* Offline shopping system

* No deleveling bug

* Bugless geodata

* Active staff

* Vote reward system

* Most of the teleport spawn are safe

* Armor penalty (it will set penalty to player for wearing unsupported armor ex. dagger wearing heavy armor)

* Custom enchant item system

* Custom pvp title color system

* PvP Reward system (will transfer custom item from victim to killer it they will match lvl requirement)

* Custom client/server side protection system checking client version and preventing dualboxing and hacking

* Custom Territory

Olympiad Informations :

* Interlude Olympiad system

* The olympiad period is 2 weeks

* Olympiad is from 20:00 to 00:00 GMT+1 everyday

* You need 9 match and 1 wins to be eligible to hero

* The reuse of the skill is reseted after each olympiad match so you are abble to sign in again instantly and not wait for 1 hours for the skill reuse like on the others server

* You can check the hero and olympiad period

Buffs Informations :

* Anty Buff skill

* Scheme buffer

* Custom buffer (allows player to save buff list for each subclass, custom buff time

* 27 Buff and 10 additional debuff slots

* 3 hours normal buff

* 3 hours dances and song

* 3 hours prophecies and COV

* Cat & Unicorn buff are with retail duration

Farming Informations :

* Leveling zone

* Bosses with customised drops

* Custom farming system

* Custom economic system

* Higher grade life stones droped by the bosses

* All location will be know on the start of the server


Server Specifications :

* Processor Model: Intel Bi Xeon Quad 8x 2.00+ GHz

* RAM Count: 8 GB DDR2

* Hard Drives: Intel SSD X25-M 2x 80 Go & SATA 2 2x 750 Go

* Internet Connection: 1 Gbps

* DDOS Firewall: Physically & Hardcoded


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