Unikalus gm galima editinti zaidime :) {English}

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Nu sveiki, cia vienam tinklapi radau unikalu gm

as viska is ten copy todel english tad srr bet gal prireiks kam nors, +REP galit neduoti :\ pagalvojau gal kam prireiks srr del copy :)

SA-MP Ingame Editor (v1.5)

Hey everyone..

I think the name of this thread says everything about the GM.

This is the latest update, with (again) many new things and a VERY useful MapIcon system.

Will add some NEW pictures soon!


Added in 1.2

Added in 1.5

The idea of this GM is, that you can easily create classes, pickups, vehicle spawns, MapIcons and objects put in projects to copy the stuff into your own GM.

example: you can MOVE or remove a vehicle easy and don't have to search for the right line, change it and test 50000 times to have the right position. This way is MUCH easier

The object placer isn't designed to create whole maps, but I think it's good for some objects like gates and some oher little stuff

What you can do with this editor:

- create vehicles

- create objects

- move them, set their rotations

- save everything in a project

- load a project

- Info textdraw (Shows Project, number of vehicles & objects, Which object/vehicle you have selected)

- Place Player Classes

- Create Pickups! (Very easy, included list of Types)

- Save every thing to a .PWN file (as a GameMode)

- 3D texts are colored

- MapIcons (2 ways to place them - explained later)

- Automatic Vehicle Sync system

- /help is now splitted into parts

- a nice vehicle search function (/vsearch)

- !!! Included Kingunit's "Blank Y_INI Gamemode" to the PAWN feature. See "Save to PAWN feature" for more information. !!!

- Bug fixed that causes the clients to crash.

What's special about this GM?

There are many editor GM's for SA-MP...

- You can move objects and vehicles by aiming, so it's very easy to place them for later use.

- You can save everything as a gamemode (includes Classes, Vehicles, Objects and Pickups).

So, all in all it's very very simple and fast. The pickup, class and vehicle system is very good to create a gamemode.



/vcreate [Model] ([Color1] [Color2]) - Creates a vehicle

/vpos [iD] - Selects a vehicle to place it by aiming

/vpos [iD] [x/y/z/a] [Offset] - Moves a vehicle on the X/Y/Z Axis, or turns the vehicle ('a')

/vdel [iD] - Deletes a vehicle

/vsync - Syncs all your vehicles

/vsearch - Opens a dialog which let's you search for a vehicle name, to look up IDs


/ocreate [Model] - Creates an object

/opos [iD] - Selects an object to place it by aiming

/opos [iD] [x/y/z] [Offset] - Moves an object

/orot [iD] [x/y/z] [Offset] - Rotates an object

/odel [iD] - Deletes an object

/oduplicate [iD] ([Z-Offset]) - Duplicates an object


/pcreate [Model] - Shows a dialog with pickup types, then creates a pickup at your position.

/pdel [iD] - Deletes a pickup


/ccreate [skin ID] - Creates a class with the given skin id at your position

/cdel [iD] - Deletes a class


All in dialogs!

/mcreate - Creates a MapIcon. See "MapIcons - kept simple" for detailed information.

/mdel [iD] - Deletes it. Not sure how to handle that the player can look up an ID of a MapIcon.

/project load [name] - Loads an existing project

/project save - Saves a project

/project clear - Unloads a project (WITHOUT saving it!)

/project name [name] - Sets the name of the project (Required to save it)

/project setspawn - Set the Spawn point for the player at current position (Required to save it)[/color]

/project pawn - Saves everything into a .pwn file in the SA-MP Ingame Editor folder. Explained below. HUGE UPDATE!

/help - Views this command list.

/free - To empty the selection (made with /vpos or /opos)

/vsync - Resets all vehicles to their spawn

/sound [iD] - Plays a sound.

You can mark a position on the map to teleport.

To place an object by aiming, just use /opos [iD] and aim at the position you want it to be.

Stop pressing the aim key and type /free to "save" it there.

Now use /opos [iD] z [offset] to adjust the height. DONE!

NOTE: Every player has an own virtual world, they can't see each other and the stuff they've done.

NOTE: The VEH_NUM define is for every player... so every player can create 500 vehicles. So 4 players each can create 500 vehicles and the limit is reached! Same for the 3D Text Labels!


Some objects:

Info textdraw (Shows Project, number of vehicles & objects, Which object/vehicle you have selected etc):

Example Project with opbjects, vehicles, classes and pickups:

Pickups look like this:

Classes look like this:


First install the GameMode (described below).

Load the example project by typing "/project load example".

Now you see many things.

If you want to add a loop to the map, just type "/ocreate 13592", this will create the loop in north direction of you.

Now, place it somewhere else. Look at the 3D Text that says "[OBJECT] Model: 13592 ID: x".

Type in "/opos [iD of the object]" (eg /opos 2).

Then, switch to Silenced Pistol and aim anywhere on the ground (!). You'll see, the object will move with it

If you have the loop placed where you want it to be, just type /free.

If you want to see which object you have selected, look below at the textdraw. The last line will give you information about this, or nothing, if you don't have selected anything.

The same thing works with vehicles.

Just type "/vcreate 522", "/vops ID" and place it.

/free to "save" it there.

After you are done, type "/project save".

If you want to save it with a different name, type "/project name" to change the name, and then type "/project save".

Hint: If you want to know Skin IDs or Vehicle IDs without looking through sa-mp wiki etc use the filterscript "fsdebug" for it.

Just type /ssel (or /s [iD]) to look through them. Same for vehicles (/vsel or /v [Name]).

Note: You cannot save project without setting the spawn ("/project setspawn" at current position) and setting the name!

Note: Pickups and spawns are not moveable. Just /cdel or /pdel (delete) them and replace them.

Important: Save your project!!! The project will not save when leaving or restarting the server.

Save to .pwn feature:

First, create a project with some stuff (or load the example).

Type /project pawn to save it as a gamemode (projectname.pwn is in the SA-MP Ingame Editor folder, NOT in the Projects folder!).

Move the .pwn into your gamemodes folder and compile it.

Use "(/rcon) changemode [projectname]" to run it.

You'll see, everything is included.

(You can't see the skins in class selection, will add this in next release.)

Now, it uses Kingunit's Blank Gamemode to create a .pwn file.

By this, it has an admin system and some more useful functions included.

See here for more information: blank gamemode using Y_INI

The only things I changed in this GM, is splitting it into includes. (They are named "bgm_...".)

MapIcons- Kept simple

So, since the new version you are able to place MapIcons.

By typing /mcreate you'll get a list of MapIcons including IDs and Names.

After that you can set a color (only ID 0 (the white square) shows it, so just type "0" or leave it blank).

Then, you can set which Style of MapIcon it should be, there are 4 styles:

- MapIcon shows local (only in visible range)

- MapIcon shows global (over the whole map)

- MapIcon (local) has a checkpoint marker.

- MapIcon (global) has a checkpoiint marker.

After you have selected a style, you can choose which method of placing you would use:

1. Place the Icon right there where you are

2. Mark on the map (ESC -> Map) where it should be placed.

How does Nr. 2 work?

It's very simple. When you have selected this method, you get frozen and the server waits for you to select the position.

When selected you will see that you get teleported. This position is taken from the server to set the Icon, and you'll get back to your

last position and are able to move again.

Tada - The MapIcon is placed exactly there where you want it to be - No more traveling through San Andreas, /SAVEing postions and looking for IDs (You don't even have to care about messing up with the IconIDs).


Extract the .zip to a custom folder (eg. Desktop/Imgamebla).

Put IngameEd.pwn in the gamemodes folder and compile it.

Download & install the MapAndreas Plugin (NEEDED, all the other plugins + includes are in the .zip!): http://forum.sa-mp.com/showthread.php?t=120013

Copy the "scriptfiles" folder from the .zip file to your SA-MP Server directory, overwrite existing files!).

Copy the "include" folder from the .zip file to your PAWNO directory.

Copy the "plugins" folder from the .zip file to your SA-MP Server directory.

Put in your server.cfg:

gamemode0 IngameEd 1

plugins MapAndreas sscanf

Start the server and log into RCON.

Type "/project load example" to load the example project.


Comming soon:

/vpos etc. only works with selected object/vehicle

(Textdraw Editor)

Ability to move things with keys...

Adding dialogs to add an object by name (sorted in categories). (Thanks to dowster!)

Keep updating the Blank gamemode

Option for converting the objects to MTA and objectstreamer formats

Possibillity to ONLY save classes OR vehicles (etc...) to a pwn or a simple textdocument




Ingame Editor

Includes for YSI, sscanf, the blank gamemode

Demo example for IngameEd. Shows, how it would look for a realistic map.

sscanf plugin [Download MapAndreas seperatly, because the .hmap file is 70MB...]

Folder "Users" for the script by Kingunit.

Mediafire - Download v1.5 (FIXED) http://www.mediafire.com/download/j3aj2k0bmbaj2z0/SAMP-Ingame-Editor-v1_5-fixed.zip - Working again!

- Automatic /vsync (improved)

- /vsearch vehicle search system


Thanks to Kalcor for his MapAndreas Plugin.

Thanks to RyDeR for the Aiming stuff.

BIG Thanks to Kingunit for letting me use his Blank Gamemode!

Thanks to Y_Less for sscanf plugin & Y_INI (complete YSI).

Thanks to Zeex for his fast ZCMD command processor!

Thanks to zaq.selfown for testing.

Do not re-release any of this scrips (Ingame Editor & Kingunit's Blank GM) without giving at least credits - please ask me (for my release) or Kingunit (for his release) for permission!

Do not remove any of the credits written by me OR Kingunit.

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