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Sang WoW - 3.3.5a - 20x -

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We Present to you Sang WOW

The ultimate in WOW fun

Blizlike servers

Quest Exp 20x

Kill Exp 20x

Gold Rates 10x

Reputation 2x

Honour 2x

For the ultimate in world of warcraft fun come and join us in this new server SANG WOW

Register at Sang WoW (home page still under development but can still register)

99.9% of bugs fixed

Scripted Instances

Custom Armour and Weapons Available once 50+ members are active

(speak ingame to a member of the team to see what can be done)

Friendly and Active GMs

Come and join the newest family on the block

Hope to see you all soon

New server promotion

1st 50 players will recive 5000 gold

(Ask a GM to add the gold when active)

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