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Fresh Server Start 2012-05-26 Saturday 16:00 GMT+2!

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Lineage II Blaze project want to announce about fresh server start at 2012-05-26 Saturday 16:00 GMT+2! With new server season will come BIG PACK OF UPDATES! So let's start. Firstly, we invited to project new java programmer and hardly changed server core. Secondly we changed Lineage II Blaze project website and added forum for our players! Also we added: -Anti-buff shield -Anti shop zone in towns -Updated Antharas, Valakas and Sailren scripts -Anti Heavy system for archers and daggers classes -Server players top NPC -Title and Nick color NPC -Many skills updates -Fix for Archers classes -Fixed buffer exploits -Updated Events system If you want connect to server, please download latest server system folder. You can do it in Downloads. Latest server system version 1.6 Server registration is automatic, but also, you can register in website. Also use our INVITATION System and win good prizes! INVITATION SYSTEM Lineage II Blaze is waiting for you at 2012-05-26 Saturday 16:00 GMT+2!

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