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Vienas projektas gali tur─Śti tik VIEN─ä TEM─ä! U┼ż daugiau nei vienos temos tur─Śjim─ů tokios pa─Źios bus taikoma 1.4. taisykl─Ś.

DemonicMU[5000x][Season6] - 14.AUGUST

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Good news, as we all know the administration has worked hard to be a wholesome server, finally have installed premium Antihack and now can no longer worry about cheaters.
We took the time to configure this server to give our players the best experience.
The client is equipped with anti-cheat protection both with server side and a custom launcher with auto-updates.

Server Links
* WebPage:
* Forum:
* Discord:

24/7 online, active and helpful administration
Team is full of enthusiasm and we are ready to share it!
Server with Exclusive Premium Season 3 Episode 1 Server files.
Interesting gameplay with fully working events with balanced drops
Innovative project with desire to strive for the best and introduce more new features.

Server Information
Version: Season 6 Episode 3 Classic
Experience: 5000x
Drop: 45%
Maximum Stats: 32767
Points Per Level: 5/7/7
Vote Reward: Enabled
Elf Soldier Buff: 200 lvl
Master Level: 200 lvl
Party System: Enabled
Special REWARDS from Events!
Featured and Innovated 3D Camera
HD Resolutions Support
PvP Balanced System

Reset: Yes
Change Name: Yes
XShop: Yes
WebShop: NO!!
Reconnect System
Grand Reset System -> 65Reset = 2500Credits
Dynamic Grand Reset System: Yes
MU Helper: Yes ( Level 10 )
HP Bar Module
Rudolf Pet search Jewels + Zen
Location Dedicated: Canada

Server Event
Castle Siege -> 16:00 GMT+2 "Saturday"
Loren Deep
Devil Square (1-7)
Blood Castle (1-8)
Chaos Castle (1-7)
Illusion Temple Event
Swamp of Peace (Medusa)-> "Drop 4 Items Ancient"
Golden Monster Invasion
White Wizard Invasion
Kalima (1-7) Event
Kanturu Event
LaCleon Event (Selupan)-> "Drop 2 Items Ancient"

/post -> Global message
/addstr -> Add Points to Strength
/addagi -> Add Points to Agility
/addene -> Add Points to Energy
/addcom -> Add Points to Command
/addvit -> Add Points to Vitality
/marry [name] -> for marry with another charcater
/pkclear -> Clear murderer status
/reset - Reset your character from game. 400 level required.
/reset auto On & Off - Reset Character Automated
/openware -> Open warehouse .
/changeware -> Change Vault 1 & 2.
/clearinv -> Clear your Inventory.
/lock -> Lock stash.
/unlock -> Unlock stash.
/zen -> Give's zen

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[+] DemonicMU Season 6 Episode 3
[+] Grand Opening 14.AUGUST to 19:00 GMT+2

* WebPage:
* Forum:
* Discord:

* Server Information
Experience: 5000x
Drop: 45%
Maximum Stats: 32767
Points Per Level: 5/7/7
Vote Reward: Enabled
Freebies Ancient - Enabled
Auto Reset - Enabled
GrandReset Dynamic - Enabled
Special REWARDS from Events!
PvP Balanced System
Change Name: Yes
XShop: Yes
WebShop: No!!
Reconnect System

Redaguota , nario DMU-Online
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Hello everyone.

Reborn DemonicMU Season 6 Classic
Change to Server.

DemonicMU Opening in 9/10/2021 to 16:00GMT+2

Server Links
* WebPage:
* Forum:
* Discord:

* With this reborn, we make a radical change to the server, so as to offer players a server as stable and without problems as possible.
* With this reborn will be the following changes below, I hope you like  the changes made to the server and we are waiting you on DemonicMU

[+] Level Master to 800.
[+] Removed Item's FO/Seeds/Jewels/New Jewels.
[+] Removed All Custom Items/Ancient.
[+] All Items Will be with Luck + 3 Options(XShop)
- But You can Make FO+15 with NEW JEWELS.
[+] Fixed Bugs.
[+] Update Balance [PvP/PvM]
[+] Update Exp:2000x to Command /reset auto
[+] Added more Spots
[+] Added 10 Character on 1 Account.
[+] Added 5 Options Socket.
[+] Added to BC/DS/CC/ Drop All Jewels[Classic/New]
[+] Update GrandReset Dynamic to 1500/2000/2500 Silver Coins
[+] Added S6 Special Packages [ Donate ]
[+] New Freebies to Newbies.
[+] Update Limited Account per IP is 3.
[+] Update Date Castle Siege to Sunday to 15:00 Time Server
[+] Added Land of Trials DMU BOSS SEEDS & DMU BOSS JEWELS
- Respawn Devias / Dungeon / LostTower / Kanturu ( DMU BOSS SEEDS, DMU BOSS JEWELS )
- Respawn Land of Trials ( Demonic Boss Terra & Venus ) + ( DMU BOSS SEEDS, DMU BOSS JEWELS )
--ATENTION ( DMU BOSS SEEDS, DMU BOSS JEWELS, Demonic Boss Terra & Venus ) Respawn in random locations on those maps--
[+] Update Demonic Boss Venus with All NEW JEWELS ( Only Land of Trials )
[+] Added Search Party/Store
[+] Added Spot in KanturuRelics/LaCleon/Swamp of Peace/Crywolf Fortress/Barrack
[+] Update CheatList from Anti-Hack.
[+] Added Ring&Pendant + Wings FO+15 with Bronze Coins.
[+] Added Medusa Boss ALL NEW JEWELS
- Drop Medusa Ancient + New Jewels.


All old accounts are saved, so if you had an account before - you can use it again.
The new game client will be available for downloading in the next few days.

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Palikti atsakym─ů galite i┼í karto, o u┼żsiregistruoti v─Śliau. Jeigu jau turite paskyr─ů m┼źs┼│ forume, Prisijunkite.

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  • Temos, kurios buvo pa┼żym─Śtos tomis pa─Źiomis ┼żym─Śmis:

    • Para┼í─Ś warlordmu
      WarlordMu high rates new gaming project based on latest Season 16 Part 1-2 features and settings!
      Server is with resets, each time you reach 400lvl you can reset your level, for that you stats are burns and you get 500 level points 20 wcoins 50 goblin points 2000 ruud coins. Command: /reset in game
      Maps are filled with spots, press TAB to see minimap.
      Resets count is unlimited, but you can do GrandReset from 350resets in website.
      After GrandReset burns only 350 resets, and you get 3000 credits. - Grand opening 29.January!

      Server Specs:
      Version: Season 16
      Experience: 5000x
      Master Experience: 5000x
      Majestic Experience: 5000x
      Drop Rate: 100%
      Maximum Level: 1300
      Points Per Level: Standart 5/6/7
      Monsters per Spot: 5 - 6
      All Characters can be created: 1lvl
      Bronze, Silver, Gold Party Builds
      Mu Helper Use from Level 10
      Create Guild from Level 300
      Shadow Phantom Soldier Buff till Level 350
      Marked Spots on Minimap: Press TAB
      Vip status: Access to Arena map, increased exp +30%

      Reset system:
      Reset: Made from 400lvl in game with command /reset
      Reset limit: Unlimited
      Reset costs: 2kk zen * reset
      After reset, stats are burned, and you get 500 free points * reset!
      Reset reward: 50 Goblin Points, 20 Wcoins, 2000 Ruud
      Grand reset from 350 resets: Reward 3000 credits. and you get 5000 free points * greset
      Resets and stats are deleted after Grand Reset!
    • Para┼í─Ś mcgahsdhas
      i┼í temos galima suprast, kad ie┼íkau kas kuria sen┼│ ┼żaidim┼│ serverius ir forumus.
      Su pasi┼źlymais, kainomis, pavyzd┼żiais ra┼íykit ─»:
      [email protected]
      Taip ┼żinau neapsimoka ir pana┼íiai, bet reikia ne d─Śl pelno. Turiu savo svari┼│ prie┼żas─Źi┼│.┬á
      visos nuomon─Śs ─»domios jei turit k─ů pasakyt.
    • Para┼í─Ś AlytausMeras
    • Para┼í─Ś Docentas
      Wildmu started BETA  Start 2019.03.27 - and 2019.04.05 (2019.04.05 wipe all account and start fresh)
      You can register and help test server.
      any have ideas support write support ticket !
      we have discord channel join !
      New S12 Features
      New Map Nixies Lake new!
      Holyangel Mastery Set new!
      Darkangel Weapons new!
      Maze of Dimensions new!
      Class Improvement new!

      Server and Game Features
      New Character - Grow Lancer
      Master Equipment: Blood Angel Sets
      New Currency: Ruud
      Skill Imprint
      Event Entrance Icon
      New Map: Nars
      Party & Guild Matching
      Pandora Jewel and Mining System

      New S11 Features
      New Map Ferea new!
      Darkangel Mastery Set new!
      Bloodangel Weapon new!
      Upgraded Divine Archangel Weapon new!
      Character information Window Improvements new!
      New Skills new!
      Elemental System Update new!
      New Socket Items new!
      Socket System Expansion new!
      New&Upgraded Pentagrams new!
      Hunting Log new!

      InGame Quests and Events
      Arca War Battle
      Acheron Guardian Event
      Chaos Castle Survival Event
      Illusion Temple Renewal
      Imperial Fort Event
      Double Goer (Doppelganger)
      Castle Siege
      Loren Deep
      Devil Square (1-7)
      Blood Castle (1-8)
      Chaos Castle (1-7)
      Swamp of Peace (Medusa)
      Rabbits Invasion
      Pouch of Blessing Invasion
      Golden Monster Invasion
      White Wizard Invasion
      Battle Soccer
      Kalima (1-7) Event
      Kanturu Event
      LaCleon Event
      Last Man Stating Event (Custom)
      Bonus events Event (Custom)
      Santa Village Event
      Halloween Event
      New Year Day Event
      TvT Event ( Team VS Team)

      Custom Jewels
      Jewel Dark Bless
      Jewel Dark Life
      Jewel Dark Soul
      Jewel Of Excess
      Jewel Of Kondar
      Jewel Of Level
      Jewel Of Luck
      Jewel Of Skill
      Jewel Of Socket

      Lottery Events
      Lucky Items System
      Rena Event
      Chaos Card
      Moss The Gambler
      Box and Sepcial Item Events
      Chocolate Box (Blue, Red, Pink)
      Heart of Love
      Candy Box (Lilac, Vermilion, Deep Blue)
      Ribbon Box (Blue, Green, Red)
      Golden and Silver Medals
      Start of Sacred Rebirth
      GM Box
      Cherry Blossom (Gold)
      Sealed Silver and Sealed Golden Boxes

      Side Features
      Cash Shop System with gifting and Goblin points options
      Loren Market Location
      Duel System and Duel Arena located on Vulcanus Map
      Original Mini Maps
      Gens System with Gens Chat Support
      Quest System (Tutorial, Gens Quest System, Cherry Blossom Quest and more)
      Pentagram system (including new Pentagrams)
      Elemental Damage System
      Full completed skill tree for all races (including extended skill tree for Fist Master)
      Fruits System
      Expansion of Inventory and Warehouse
      New Trade Feature move items to and from the trade with right click of the mouse
      Mu Helper BOT System
      Marry System advanced Marry System to get a wonderful wedding with your love
      Fenrir - Red, Blue, Black, Golden combination & Pets
      Ring of Warrior for level 40 and 80
      Webe atidaryta fukcija su support ticket aprasot problema ir siunciat
      we have discord channel join !
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