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Cronus World server uses our own developed server platform which is based on java, but supports all L2OFF Interlude scripts (retail spawns, stats, drops, skills etc). It also allows us to easily fix bugs or implement new features like Offline shop and many other which are present in java based servers. Here you can catch a glimpse of our server’s few of many retail and custom working features as well as find information about server rates.


EXP x75

SP x75

Party EXP x1,3

Party SP x1,3

Drop x30

Spoil x25

Quest x10

Adena x75

Raid bosses drop x20

Epic raid bosses drop x3 (jewelry x1)


Simple and crystal scroll chance 60%

Blessed scrol chance 65%

Max enchant 16

Safe 3

Full body safe 4

Additional player commands

.gk Necropolis / Catacombs gatekeeper.

.buffs Buffer command (not working in all areas).

.repair Repair your character yourself.

.changelog Showing on the which changelog server working. More info in a forum -> Server updates.

.online Show how much players is online now.

.menu More commands in one place. Exp, pm mode, auto loot (herbs too), trade mode, title info (exp: [PvP: xx] [PK: xx]), Bind IP and HWID, Screen text (damages, critical/magic hit, missed and more) - ON/OFF

Epic bosses respawn time (h + random h)

Valakas 96+2

Antharas 96+2

Frintezza 48+2

Baium 48+2

Zaken 40+2

Orfen 20+2

Core 33+2

Ant Queen 24+2

Barakiel 5+1

All another raid bosses respawn time 12+6

Other information

• Auto events: TvT, CTF, DM.

• Offline Trading/Crafting.

• Auto learn skills.

• Single Duel, Party duel.

• Balanced class.

• NPC's: Shop (up to B grade), Buffer (without resists), Catacombs / Necropolis GK, Class manager.

• Buff time: 2h.

• Buff slot: 28 (26+4) [Debuffs not using buff slot.]

• Commercial Geodata and Pathnode.

• Working 99.9% Quest.

• Working 99.9% Interlude Skills.

• Full Working Four Selpucher.

• Full Working Rift.

• SubClass (without quest).

• Full working augment system.

• Full working retail olympiad system.

• Full working Epic bosses / Raid bosses.

• Full working Fortress.

• Working cursed weapon system.

• Nobless quest - item 65 Level in Shop.

• Main town Giran.

• Premium account system.

• Enchant scrolls changed to stackable.

• Custom comunnity board.

• And much more...

Server hardware

Processor Intel Core i7 6.5 GHz.



Server connection 1gbps

Server protection Lameguard and other software.


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