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  1. Presenting to you, the Low Rates -x5- Interlude server You can read "About Us" here, there is everything you need to know: Main Information Server will start on Friday, 25th of April, 19:00(+2GMT) There are no GM Shop, where you can buy items that involves gameplay. There are no NPC Buffer. There are no Corruption. You must do Class Change(1st/2nd*/3rd) Quests. You must do Noblesse,SubJob Quests. Game Rates: * XP/SP/Adena/Drop/Spoil (Chance): x5 x5 x5 x5 * Materials amount rate: x2 * Manor Drop: x5 Quest Rates: * XP/SP Reward: x5 x5 * Item/Adena Reward: x1 x5 * Seven Signs XP/SP Reward: x5 x5 * Quest Item Drop Rate: x1 * Quest Materials rewards: x2 Retail enchants, safe +3 / +4 one-piece armor, max +20. Retail Features: * Shadow Weapons. * Max Level 80. * Clan System / Academy. * Cursed Weapons. * +6 Set Effects. * Augmentation System. * New Skill Effects. * Expanded Buff Slots (Divine Inspiration Skill Effect) 24 Slots + 6 Debuff Slots. * Herb System. * Skill Enchant System up to Level 80. * All New Pets. * Skills / Clan Skills. * Castles support deco like Clan Halls. * Fully Working Duel System. * New Interlude Quest Slots. * Death Penalty. * Offline Shops. * PVP/PK Extras. * Olympiad Extras. * Jail System. Gameplay Security: * Anti-Bot System. * Anti-Dupe Protections. * Anti-Exploit Protections. * Anti-DDOS System [Protects Against Massive Socket Flooding]. Custom Addons: * Premium acc (Rates Multiply): Adena x2, Drop x1.5, Spoil x1.5, Xp x2, SP x2. * TvT Custom item. * Services NPC. Automated Events: * TvT * Standard Retail events every few months. * GM Based events. FB Page: Website: Giran CameraMan:
  2. L2 Server Freya Gracia FiNal ✓ L2iN .com Freya Gracia FiNal L2 Server PVP ★ Fresh NEW Free2Play ★ Retail Like OFFicial Platform Top Net! 100% Enchant Scrolls in GM Shop buyable for materials! Noblesse and Subclass Quests FREE! 1st, 2nd and 3rd Professions Quests FREE! All classes have spoil and create skills. System Buffer 2 hours Buff's Duration GM Shop until S grade. Auto Learn Skills while level up. All Gracia FiNal Skills 100% working Dualbox is allowed. Which really is the best reason to play on this server? ONLY at L2iN you can play and at the same time make some real money while you have fun ! ! All raid monsters from level 61 and above they have a change [(raid lvl*raid lvl)/120]% to drop Blue Diamonds Gamemaster at the 1st day of each month collect Blue Diamonds and pay +1 $ for every each as reward to the brave hunters! ! ! Do you think you are excellent L2 player ? Did you always wanted a server which will respect you as player and prove it by recognize and reward your skills ? Then don't wait ! We are glad to reward the Excellency.