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  1. Hello everyone and welcome on board of the most successfull, the most reliable and the most huge Lineage II High Five CIS project brought to you by anxious hands of three girls. My name is Julia and I am Averia's public relations manager. I'm here to introduce top CIS Lineage II server which is going to be the top world's server within several months. This is not just words. Efficient technical support, regular updates, hundreds of contests and events, dynamic advertising campaign, high number of players online even half a year after opening... we've put our heart and energy into the development of this project and we proved it! Averia opened her first server on June, 7. It was a classical x5 low rate server which now supplies high-quality gaming service up to 3500 players daily. To be honest, we faced some difficulties, such as unfair competition and small technical issues. But with time and patience the leaf of the mulberry becomes satin so we started to work hard and we assebled a perfect team. The next opening was a mid-rate x50 server which is much more successfull due to our past experience and $10.000 PR campaign. Nowadays about 6500 people are playing Lineage II High Five at Averia x50 every day. These are not just dry figures. You are welcome to join Averia's game world by downloading our patch here: You will find out what truly huge online is. Here is our forums' statistics: According to maxcheaters' rules I put down main rates of the new server: Exp: x7 SP x7 Adena: x5 Drop: Chance x4; Quantity х1 Spoil: Chance x1; Quantity х3 Quest Reward: x1 Quest Items: x2 Epaulettes: x2 For more information please visit our website: Language change button is to the top left. Server description can be found here: http://forum.averia....cription.43683/ Some rules: http://forum.averia....-viewing.43788/ (please ignore it) About our new unprecedented $33000 PR campaign: http://forum.averia....ary-2014.42520/ (updated regularly) Currently one of our team members is working on translating everything you need into english. This includes general information, events and actions - we got plenty of them, and much more. In conclusion, there are about a month until we open the best low-rate server in the world so stay in touch with me and please feel free to ask me everything you want right in this thread or start a topic in our special section for english-speaking people: http://forum.averia....-department.59/. You will never be disregarded.