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To change the texture of a model, you can use Jed's Half-Life Model Viewer.


1. Open the model, select the "Texture" tab, choose the correct texture file from the list-box, select "Export".

2. Use an image editor to change the texture. Remember, your final product will not have exactly the same colors as you want, because of the texture's original index of colors. Save the file.

3. Open the model, select the "Texture" tab, choose the correct texture file from the list-box, select "Import", select "Save Model".


  • [*]Convert a bitmap to a sprite.


1. Make a .bmp file, with whatever dimensions you want! Sprite Explorer gave me warnings with oddly sized sprites but they work just fine.

If the width * height of the sprite exceeds 10752, or if the width or height of the sprite is not a multiple of 8, you may encounter the error below:

Fatal Error GL_Upload16: s&3

To resolve the problem, recreate the sprite and try again. There is no definite solution that I am aware of.

2. You must save the .bmp in Indexed Mode, NOT RGB Mode. RGB will work, but the sprite will have odd colors.

3. Open a sprite creator like Sprite Explorer. Select "File>New Sprite", add your .bmp file(s), and save your sprite. To make an animated sprite just add all the frames during this step.

4. To make the sprite stop rotating, use ORIENTED rather than VP_PARALLEL.

5. To make a sprite with an invisible background, use a solid color background in your bmp and use AlphaTest when creating the sprite.

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