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This is an more advanced version of Ikov that is being updated everyday to bring new content into the game. Please note in the version 2 of Ikov we are not supporting the same character files, and some content that was in IKov 1 however we are always open to suggestions on any sort of content you think should be added into the game!

Welcome to Ikov where we have something to accommodate all types of players. Whether you are an avid PvMer, a constant pker, a merchant, a skiller, a gambler, or a mix of all of them, Ikov is the right server for you. 

We have a flawless training system that is not too difficult while also remaining competitive. Rewarding skills, including fully functioning Dungeoneering and Summoning are included as well!

Ikov flaunts the highest active player base among current Runescape Private Servers, along with a devoted staff team to help keep everything running smoothly.




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