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Dear players,
I would like to introduce to you season 4 of the most famous interlude faction server available!
New season will start in 13/09/14 and will bring many new features into the game!
Short description:
The gameplay is based on a couple of events which will run constantly one after another, each event has its own goals.
Main events will run first, and will be the longest events with the biggest kind of goals to accomplish.
Main events will end faster if a goal is completed, a raid boss will spawn 5 minutes before main event ends in a random location.
Once a main event ends, the winning team will be able to enter a faction event, which acts as a bonus, if they complete it, they get extra rewards.
Mini events will also run a few minutes after a main event ends, which will make players busy while they wait for the next main event to start (especially for the losing side of a previous event).
In peak times, there is a chance for a grand boss event to start for all online players to participate.
Main events
Faction events
Mini events
:: Temporary Faction Change - http://l2ovc.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=1181
:: Gear Dependent Reward System - http://l2ovc.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=1671
Voiced commands
:: .info - used in main events to show the top 3 players, the score of each team, the goal of the current map and to see own score
:: .register / .unregister - used to participate or leave a mini event
:: .msgon / .msgoff - show/hide killing spree messages on screen
:: .timeleft - shows how much time left until next map / faction event / mini event
:: .radaron / .radaroff - show/hide the arrow and the points in the radar during a main event
:: .scoreon / .scoreoff - show/hide the scorebar during an event
:: .playalone / .playinparty - turn on/off random parties while joining events
:: .menu / .commands - shows the list of available voiced commands ingame
:: .joinparty - auto join a party during a main event
:: .repair - use on a character of the same account incase he gets stucked
:: .sb-tr, .sb-tc, .sb-tl, .sb-bc, .sb-br - change the position of the scorebar on the screen
:: 5 Members maximum in main events
:: Only one healer allowed in a party
:: 3 Parties maximum in a command channel
:: Advanced exp / adena sharing system
:: No clan penalties
:: 15 Members maximum in main clan
:: 5 Extra members for every royal guard/royal knight the clan has
:: 2 Clans maximum in an alliance
:: Free leveling up to level 2
:: Levels 3, 4 and 5 requires quest items (buyable from GM shop)
:: Levels 6, 7 and 8 requires reputation points
:: Start everyday at 18:00 GMT +2 until 22:00 GMT +2
:: Fights regardless of player's faction
:: 5 Players required to start olympaid
:: 1 Week cycle - 1/4 hero reward
:: Hero/Rebirth skills not useable inside
:: Tattoo of Power not useable inside
:: Rate 60% (65% for B-grade items)
:: Safe +3 (+4 for full armor)
:: Max +16
:: Server based on aCis latest revision
:: Commerical geodata
:: Lameguard anti bot protection
:: Team balancing system
:: Anti AFK protection
:: Anti farm protection
:: Balanced classes
:: DDoS protected dedicated machine
:: Maps voting system
:: Events voting system
Custom items
:: Wind of Change - use to change faction pernamently
:: Noble Coin - use to become noble
:: Box of Luck - use to get a random reward
:: Box of Kundun - use to get a random material
:: Proof of Valor - use to gain 500 reputation points
:: Tattoo of Power - use to gain a small pdef/mdef/speed bonus
:: Book of Names - use to pernamently change your name
:: Book of Rebirth - used to learn a rebirth skill
:: Skull of the Forgotten - used to reset rebirth skills
:: Coin of Experience - use to go to level 80 instantly
:: Golem's stoneheart - used to enchant items above +10
Custom skills
:: Bladedancers have been given dances level 2 as self buffs with better stats
:: Swordsingers have been given songs level 2 as self buffs with better stats
:: Elven Elders have been given Clan MP Heal and Clan HP Heal skills
:: Shillen Elders have been given CP Battle Heal and Party CP Heal skills
:: Anti buff skill
:: AIO scheme buffer NPC (all buffs except summons)
:: Buff slots 20 + 4
:: 4 Hours bufftime
:: Cubics casted on self stay after death
:: Buffs kept when dying
:: Canceled buffs are returned after 7 seconds
:: Summons keep their buffs upon resummoning
:: Self buffs doesn't count in buff slots
Core features
:: All grandbosses enabled
:: Starting level 74
:: Free 3rd class change
:: Subclass free at level 76
:: Subclass starting level 75
:: /unstuck 20 seconds
:: Small chance of getting Enchant Scrolls/MSS/GCP/Box of Kundun/LS when killing enemies
:: Players can be spoiled
:: 10 Seconds spawn protection
:: No death penalties
:: Increased weight
:: Increased inventory slots
:: Noble buyable at GM shop
:: Auto learn skills (excluding divine insipration)
:: Auto loot
:: Global/Personal vote reward (hopzone / topzone)
:: Olympiad time left until period ends announce on login
:: Announcements appears when raidbosses/grandbosses spawn or die
:: Trade chat is faction chat
:: Shout chat is region chat and will show player's faction
:: Only players with level 3 title or above can open and close doors
:: Mana potions 5 seconds reuse - 200 MP recovery
:: Blessings will be given to the losing team during main events when ratio is 30% : 70%
:: Dueling enabled
:: Armor expertise penalty
:: Special titles system - better titles when making progress ingame
:: Each title gained grants player with +3 MP bonus
:: Special killing spree system
:: Clan wars enabled - can declare a war againts clans of enemy faction
:: Dualboxing disabled by HWID
:: Faction Manager
:: Seal/SA Manager
:: Rebirth Manager
:: Skill enchanter
:: Symbol Maker
:: Class Manager
:: Grand Master
:: Augmenter
:: Warehouse
:: Enchant Manager
:: Event Manager
:: Sailren Gatekeeper
:: Gods of Order/Chaos
:: Siege Manager
:: Tablet of Information
:: Tournaments Manager
:: Olympiad Manager
:: Moument of Heroes
:: AIO Buffer
:: GM Shop
:: Event Portal
:: Wedding Manager
:: Vote Manager
:: Achievements Manager
:: Training Dummy
Private stores
:: Increased slots
:: Offline shops enabled
:: Stores restored after server restarts
:: Dedicated store zone
:: Requires: 1,000 Adena and Formal Wear
:: Rewards: teleport to partner
Website: http://l2ovc.com



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