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    EuraMu Web: The main characteristics of the server: Experience x3(Premium Status x4) Drop : 20%(Premium Status+10) Server Chronicles: Season 6 Episod 13 Remake (The server is carefully redone by us); Maximum level: 400; Maximum reset: 50; Grand reset with 50 reset; Maximum Grand reset: 50; Maximum stats: 32767; Level to create a Guild: 250; The level for activation of the MU Helper: 10; Help NPC Buffer: up to level 250; Game commands: / ene /agi /str /vit / cmd and others; Reliable protection from all sorts of cheats and dupe; Bonuses through voting for the server; Unique referral system with nice bonuses! Unique balanced spots in all locations! Unique in-game Quest System; Now you can enjoy the game in Full HD! Convenient game panel in the game with a wide range of services! High-quality Assembly and protection from third-party software! Server uptime: 24/7; Reducing the load % on CPU! 7 new stones with unique properties! Lots of new craft items In-game trading system! Unique Auto Party & Party Leader systems! Reconnect the system. Re-entry into the party after the release or disconnection; Unique Offline pumping; Premium system of 3 types; The unique system of domestic economy; 3D Camera; Game clock; New HP bars for monsters and players; The Bank of stones (JewelBank) for the storage and exchange of stones; Sharpening Jewel of Soul-55%; Sharpening Jewel of Life-60%; Luck increases the sharpening of Jewel of Soul 25%; New unique locations; New unique monsters and bosses; In Arkania Non PK. easy start 1 Reset: 350 lvl 2 Reset: 360 lvl 3 Reset: 370 lvl 4 Reset: 380 lvl 5 Reset: 390 lvl 6-50 Reset: 400 lvl Events: Blood Castle Devil's Square Golden Dragon Invasion Skeleton Invasion White Mage Invasion Chaos Castle Castle Siege Kantru ( Maya & Nightmare Event ) Crywolf Refuge Raklion Happy Hour TvT Battle Event Search Event Cherry Blossom Event Teleport Shop Event Drop Event Illusion Temple Event Golden Archer Event