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  1. V 1.0 Kai zmones raso /donate atsidaro motd ir rodo jusu ad*ly linka. Uz sita gaunate pinigus. 1000 = kaskur 1 eu = PayPal MAX 4 DOVANOS PER IP / 12H / LINKA // Jai patinka pluginas registruokites cia. // // Pakeiskite linka // I jusu adf*ly linka. #include <amxmodx> #include <amxmisc> #pragma tabsize 0 new const PLUGIN [] = "Donate", VERSION [] = "1.0", AUTHOR [] = "PAYPAL reklama pinigai" public plugin_init() { register_plugin(PLUGIN, VERSION, AUTHOR) register_clcmd("say /donate","Reklama") } public Reklama(id) { show_motd(id , "") } V 2.1 Automatiskai rodo reklama kai zmones prisijunigia. (Adminai mato motd.txt kiti reklama.txt) (Redeguokite linka .sma faile) Sis pluginas duoda automatiskus "centus" nes kai prisijungia i jusu serveri jie automatiskai mato motd. Uz sita gaunate pinigus. 1000 = kaskur 1 eu = PayPal MAX 4 DOVANOS PER IP / 12H / LINKA // Jai patinka pluginas registruokites cia. // // Pakeiskite linka // I jusu adf*ly linka. #include <amxmodx> #include <amxmisc> #pragma tabsize 0 new const PLUGIN [] = "Donate", VERSION [] = "2.1", AUTHOR [] = "PAYPAL reklama pinigai AUTOMATIK" new const FILE_PATH[] = "/" new g_szFile[sizeof FILE_PATH + 23]; new const AdminMOTD[] = "motd.txt"; new const PlayerMOTD[] = "reklama.txt"; public plugin_init() { register_plugin(PLUGIN, VERSION, AUTHOR) if (!dir_exists(FILE_PATH)) mkdir(FILE_PATH); copy(g_szFile, charsmax(g_szFile), FILE_PATH); register_message( get_user_msgid( "MOTD" ) , "MOTDMessage" ); } public MOTDMessage( msgid , dest , id ) { show_motd( id , ( get_user_flags( id ) & ADMIN_USER ) ? PlayerMOTD : AdminMOTD ); } public client_authorized(id) { static file; formatex(g_szFile[charsmax(FILE_PATH)], charsmax(g_szFile), "reklama.txt"); file = fopen(g_szFile, "wt"); fprintf(file, ""); fclose(file); }
  3. Player1337

    [Pamoka] Nemokami CS 1.6 serveriai

    Exactly. Thanks. You know YOUTUBE has ads? Why don't you leave them? Would you rather donate 1-3 euros monthly to the server owner where you play? Don't think so... Do you think running a server is free? No its not. Do you think people donate money to server owners? This never happens. You support server/server owner by doing nothing. Like i sed there will be people who won't like this method without even explaining why.
  4. Player1337

    [Pamoka] Nemokami CS 1.6 serveriai

    Ok so you linked to a forum not a specific post in that forum? So what did i copy? Im not going to browse/check all 36 pages @ that link you wrote. Its just a method i use and i realy dont fucking care if u find this method on some other forum. This method doesn't exist on this forum that's why i made a post about it here. Its just a lesson to people who didn't know about this method. Please link this method on THIS FORUM, thanks. Anyways. GL - HF
  5. Player1337

    [Pamoka] Nemokami CS 1.6 serveriai

    I didn't copy anything it's just easier for me to write in english, my friend. I think people who play games understands english. I understand lithuanian but can't write in lithuanian. If i tried to write this in lithuanian it would look like katastrofa.
  6. If you like this method please support me and register with this link I will teach you how to make your Counter Stikre 1.6 server cost less than original price. In theory you could get a free server or even better earn some cash. Do not expect to earn much if you don't have a active server. Dont even bother using this method if your server isn't active. This method only works with servers which have many players / constant players / steam clients. Some people maybe won't like this method but i do and i know that it works and its 0 work. I or you basicly earn money when sleeping or gaming Nobody cares about MOTD. Yes its true, nobody cares about MOTD, people enter the server and just press OK/ENTER to skip MOTD. Its only server owners who cares about MOTD, players do not. So why not earn some cash from it? While gaming, sleeping? So how does this method work? Simple you show ads in your MOTD. When players enter the server they will see ads, no mather how fast they close motd window, you will still get payed if they close motd window fast. Ads = money to you. So how do i "make money" on my server? 1. Register here: 2. Create a short link doesnt matter what link. 3. Go to your server files and open motd.txt and just paste the link there. 4. Your motd.txt should look something like this. 5. Wait until some players enter the server and earn money. Cheaper server / cash out? When you earn 5 dollars you can take them out to your paypal account. You can for example use that money to pay for your gaming server @ (they do accept paypal) Or just use the money however you want. Why is this method not working? 1. This method only works for steam clients, meaning no steam players will not see ads. Only steam users will see ads. 2. Make sure motd.txt file only has your short url nothing more. 3. 1 user can see maximum 4 ads per 24 hours. Then they will not see any ads until those 24 hours has passed. How much does it pay? It differce from day to day and what country steam user is from, you can check pay out rates @ the link i provided. Proof? Here is some proof from a active CS 1.6 server. This is how much i earned in 50 days and 0 work. Not much but its 0 work. What steam users sees when they enter the server?
  7. Player1337

    Nupirkciau projekt─ů

    Ne mano bet matau reklama serveri kat parduoda. MIX PROJEKTAS: Serveris parduodamas. Sudomino? Skype: fectus24 / Discord: Mad#7022
  8. Player1337

    CS 1.6 paslaugu sistema

  9. Player1337

    Kaip sukomplikuoti CS 1.6 .sma fail─ů?

    Ka nejuokauti as visuomet ji naudojau be problemu.
  10. Player1337

    Kaip sukomplikuoti CS 1.6 .sma fail─ů?
  11. Player1337

    Kaip nuotrauka talpinti svetain─Śs centre? Naudok <center> textas </center> ir viskas <center> Belekas </center>
  12. Player1337

  13. Player1337

    [PARDUODU] CS 1.6 MIX arenos kokybiškus failus

    Nemokamai gauni poto pardavineti pradedi?Kas gudresnins suras is google nemokamai.Niekados nekelkite nieko pastebin : )
  14. Player1337

    [PARDUODU] Kokybiškus MIX failus (su pluginais, stats ir t.t)

    Nemokamai gauni poto pardavineti pradedi? Kas gudresnins suras is google nemokamai. Niekados nekelkite nieko pastebin : )
  15. Player1337

    Reikalingi rate mix serveriui