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  1. Dear Players Warsong is a new Project which is still Under Heavy Development with retail-like High Five content & custom new modifications. The aim of the project is to present new features, which will allow players to view at Lineage II from a different angle, like never before. Unique server features Every Character can learn all* other class skills for Skill Points excluding 3 rd profession abilities. Skill costs will be calculated using this formula: Other class skills costs 2x SP Other race skills costs 2x SP Other type Fighter/Mage skills costs 3x SP Example 1: Human Rogue wants to learn Human Knight abilities. Every new skill will cost 2x of normal SP cost. Example 2: Human Rogue wants to learn Dark Elf Assassin abilities. It will cost 2x * 2x = 4x of normal SP cost. Example 3: Human Rogue wants to learn Dark Elf Mage abilities. Each skill will cost 2x * 2x * 3x = 12x of normal SP cost. * Racial specific, as well as Inspector class abilities are not available for balance purposes. Skill Unlearn Master NPC - if for some reason you will be willing to unlearn a skill, any Trainer in the game will be able to help you 1-85 Level Monsters in the game have a chance to drop Scrolls which will give Skill Points upon consumption. SP Scroll grade depends on Monster level. (Including Treasure Chests) Currently, there are 3 types of scrolls: SP Scroll (Low-Grade) - Recharges 500 Skill Points SP Scroll (Medium-Grade) - Recharges 5000 Skill Points SP Scroll (High Grade) - Recharges 100000 Skill Points Every* Raid Boss in the world of Aden is dropping Ancient Adena which you may exchange for SP Scrolls of different grades. In addition, Raid boss respawn time has been reduced slightly. * Grand bosses do not drop Ancient Adena as we want to favor not only those who are playing with clan/alliance, but those who are playing in small groups of 5-9 people. Unique anti mastery-stack system. More information is available here Upon deleveling, skills that do not meet level requirements are becoming hidden or their level decreases. More information is available here Server Rates: EXP: x50 SP: x50 Adena: x50 Drop: x50 Spoil: x5 RB: x2 Epic: x1 Quest: x3(some quests are x1-2) Quest adena: x5 Quest EXP: x5 Quest Drop: x3(some quests are x1-2) Quest Item Reward: x1 Additional Features: Game Commands Offline shop - start your private store/manufacture and exit the game .commands - shows the list of available commands .premium - shows the remaining time on premium service .autoloot - shows the remaining time on autoloot service .exp off - disables experience gain, SP accumulation is still possible .exp on - enables experience gain .exp - shows if experience is enabled or disabled /dwarvenmanufacture - allows you to set up your private crafting store /instancezone - shows the remaining time until player can enter kamaloka again /gmlist - shows the list of available GMs Warsong NPC Trader who will exchange Skill Point Scrolls for Your Ancient Adena Shift+Click command available for usage. Provides monster information as well as loot, drop and spoil Kamalokas award High amount of Skill Points Players are able to sell up to 12-15 Items at once at Private Store Buff/Dance/Trigger slots have been increased gradually Exceptional Buff/Song/Dance Time has been prolonged slightly for comfortable gameplay Minimum Requirement to enter an Instances has been lowered from 9 people to 4 people Weight limit has been removed from the game Removed Class restriction for Dyes Anti Catacomb farm - drop has been balanced to provide variety of Skill Point gaining options. Anti Primeval Isle farm - drop has been balanced to provide variety of Skill Point gaining options. Minimum Requirement to enter an Instances has been lowered from 9 people to 4 people Hellbound lvl 13 NOTE: There is no GM-Shop, Buffer; Core Gameplay is not changed! As the project is developing, more features will be coming, gameplay will be improved and more variations will be available; topic will be updated. Explanation: This feature will present you a new world of Lineage II, long living server which will have close to retail, but still unusual & interesting gameplay. You will have full freedom to choice how to build your character, because unlimited amount of variations & possibilities are available. We have implemented variety of Skill Point obtaining options, in order to promote solo, as well as group play. However, it is important to remember, that on this server dominance will be acquired by not the ones, who play 24/7, but by those, who know more about Lineage II World and can use this knowledge as advantage. Because of this feature, Warsong server will be suitable for every kind of players: for those who play in big clans, also those who love constant parties, and of course it will be suitable even for small group of friends who may be even more effective than entire clan if they have more knowledge & experience of World of Lineage II. Lack of Skill Points will force Players to always make a choice when building own character. Additionally, it will push players to make profitable quests and search for information on the web about different methods of SP gaining in order to not just hunt monsters in traditional way. Possibilities? At there are no limits, it is all about your imagination. You can be mage, tank, crafter, spoiler, or make a combination of 1-2 roles or more. There is no need for dual-boxing as you will be able to progress through the game and learn useful skills such as craft, spoil/sweep, buffs. You are building your character by playing at The aim of the Administration is to provide You, Players, comfortable gameplay, exciting adventures & good time in the server, however, as the project is new and developing we do not want to make empty promises and state that game will be 100% bugless. However, we will do everything that Players could enjoy the game. Website: Forum: Best regards, Administration