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  1. Naujas H5 PvP Serveris startuos 08.02 ABOUT SERVER RUBY X1000 Game version - High Five, Part 5 Mechanics of abilities most approached to the official server. Full implementation of quests and locations. Server rates promoting fast pumping of the character and access to high level locations. Xp x1000 Sp x1000 Adena x2000 Drop x1 Spoil x1 Quests x5 Rewards x5 DropRB x2 Manor x2 Epaulette x8 FameReward x4 Full implementation High Five part 5 Safe enchant +3 Enchant chance 45% Maximum sharpening of the Weapon +16, armor and jewelry +12 Classical system of attributes on High Five 150/300 Buff slots 48 / Songs and dances 24 One click noblesse Unique automatic events Special events from our GM’s Respawn of all epic RB is reduced The necessary number of characters for pass to some RB is reduced Convenient CommunityBoard (ALT+ with all necessary Buff time is increased till 2 hours Global a teleport is always available to you in ATL+B Gm-shop for Adena Full-fledged baffer in ALT+B, with possibility of creation of personal schemes Class manager Two type of Champion monsters System of conjugate social actions Recomendation systemHigh Five Sharpening of abilities (skills) completely corresponds High Five Automatic learn of abilities on achievement of necessary level Sub-class without quest Certification without a quest Sieges, TW every week The new system of the Olympic Games is implemented on High Five All Epic Bosses according to chronicles are implemented High Five Implementation of all chain of epic quests of SevenSigns (from Epilogue on HighFive) All obsidional KH (BeastFarm, BanditStronghold, RainbowSpringsChateau, etc.) are completely implemented Quite great opportunities for online services in ATL+B (from change of a name of the character, before transfer of the character on other account) Bonuses for server vote are given automatically Convenient offline trade and the manager of search of dealers of sold/bought goods Chance a track of attributes from all monsters of 50%, places a track offlike Hellbound is open and has 11(maximum) level