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  1. Sveiki, parduodu Pokerstars $. Atsiskaitymas: Tik Swedbank. Kadangi cia nesilankau susisiekti galit per Arba skype: simbaa8 Geros dienos.
  2. Sveiki, po ilgo laiko vel grizta su Interliude serveriu. Siuo metu serveris veikia TEST mode kad istestavus pilnai galetume sekmingai startuoti. Taigi siektiek apie serveri: Interlude server configuration RATES Experience (XP): x75 Spell Points (SP): x75 Drop (Adena): x75 Drop (Items) / Spoil: x25 Drop (Raidboss / Grandboss): x5 Drop (Grandboss Jewelry): x1* Drop (Quest Item): x10** Quest Reward: x3** Manor: x5 *one grandboss jewelry peace per grandboss **not apply for all quests ENCHANTING Max. Enchant amount: +16 Chance (for regular scrolls): 55% Chance (for blessed scrolls): 60% GRANDBOSS RESPAWN Antharas: 72+4 hours* Valakas: 72+5 hours* Baium: 48+4 hours* Zaken: 40+4 hours* Queen Ant: 24+2 hours* Orfen: 20+4 hours* Core: 33+4 hours* Frintezza: 48+6 hours* Also, raidboss 'Flame of Splendor Barakiel' respawn time changed to 6+2 hours* *First number indicates hours of main respawn time. Second number means random delay of respawn. CUSTOM MODIFICATIONS Modify your character settings by typing .menu Hold CTRL+SHIFT to look drop of monsters or raidbosses. Repair stucked character by creating new character in same account and typing .repair Vote or participate in the events by typing .events Start your offline shop by making your vendor or manufacture and typing .offline Learn more about your character stats by typing .whoami Allow or forbid incoming buffs (works only on peace zone) by typing .blockbuff Enable or disable account bind to your computer by typing .bindhwid * *When computer is binded, you will be able to login only from computer you used to bind account. Bind status can be checked by writing .hwidstatus SERVER FEATURES Fully working skills based on the global balance All quests fully working Working Fortresses, Clan Halls and Castles Fully working Raid / Grand Bosses (such as Frintezza, Sepulchers, etc.) Working cursed weapons Scheme Buffer (2 hours of buff time) 24 buff slots (+4 for Divine Inspiration skill) Heroes changes each week Gatekeeper teleports players to Catacombs, Necropolis and Primeval Isle Mammon NPCs added to all towns GM Shop UP to B-grade added to all towns Materials and their recipes added to GM Shop Antibox policy: main character and 1 box allowed to login Working 'Anti Heavy' system Working automatic events: TvT / CTF / DM Commercial geodata The server is ready for your gaming pleasure. Judge it by yourself but remember - once you login, there is no way back!