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  1. Hello. Tired of tons of customs? Not balanced gameplay? Corrupted gamemasters? Join us and we will help you to forget it. We know what you need! Our goal is to bring you retail like gameplay. That's why we not using any npc buffer and other crappy custom thing, which ruins gameplay. If you don't like Harmonia mid rates server features and ideas, this server isn't for you. Go play in another server. So, it's time to write about main features: # Chronicle: Interlude # No wipes forever! Yes, you readed it right! # Server uptime: 24/7 (Restart procedure every midnight GMT+2 time) # We're using our own developed server software - L2Sharp, written in Java and working with l2off scripts. # Server is protected against third-party software by well-known anticheat system. # Dualbox is allowed, but only three accounts per computer. (Anticheat protected) # Offline trade/craft enabled. # We have 100% working Geodata. # There is no NPC buffers nor global gatekeepers. # Skills learn type: Auto. # We added GmShop NPC till B grade. (No recipes or materials in it) # We also added Class Manager NPC in every town. You may change your class to 1st, 2nd and 3rd for free. # No quest for sub-class. # Full Nobless quest. # No Mana potions! # All other quests working retail like. # Retail like, fully working AIs. (Grandbosses, raidbosses, other npcs) # Retail like, epic (castle / clanhall) sieges. # Champion monsters. (Custom) # And more! Information about our server rates: # Buff slots: 20+4 # Buff duration: Retail like # Experience: x75 # Experience in party: x1.5 # Pet experience: x75 # Skill Points: x75 # Adena Drop: x150 # Item Drop: x55 # RaidBoss Item Drop: x10 # GrandBoss Item Drop: x1 # Spoil Drop: x75 # RaidBoss Spoil Drop: x10 # GrandBoss Spoil Drop: x1 # Seal Stones Drop: x25 # Consumables Cost: x2 # Manor Drop: x10 # Quest Drop/Reward: x25 # Enchant Safe/Max: +3 | +25 # All type scrolls enchant chance: 66% Server staring on 19th of May, 2012 - 04:00pm GMT+2 time! Website: http://www.gamers-hell.com Forums: http://forum.gamers-hell.com
  2. Sveiki!, Nežinojai ,kad atsidarė naujas Lineage2 pagalbos puslapis? Užsuk pas mus http://www.l2failai.eu ten tikrai patyrusi administracija. Žmonės tau padės susitvarkyti tik parašyk forume ir iškart patyrusi žmonės atsakys ! Daug siuntinių rasi tikrai ko reikia nuo Pagalbos iki mokamu failų ir netik! Dizainas yra tikrai patogus, tvarkingas, tiesiog užsuk į šį pagalbos/siuntinių puslapį! Adresas: http://www.l2failai.eu Atsiprašau jeigu ne čia sukūriau.Užeikit.